"The Doors Are Opened!"
Faith, Destiny, and Opportunity Welcome all 16-23 year olds!
GoGood World Wide

GoGood World Wide, Inc.’s mission is to provide educational activities for youth throughout the United States. Our goal is to help youth expand their horizons, experience our great country, and learn skills to help them in their future endeavors.


Our first program will provide training in mechanics and our second program will provide youth with the opportunity to see our nation and learn its history.
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World Wide Youth Activities

GGWW supplies freedom to travel comfortably and economically as a community within itself. America’s awesome landscape offers imaginations a place to flourish.



GGWW stimulates interaction, encourages abilities, creates friendships, and bonds youths to the community. GGWW accomplishments are the inertia that returns momentum to our society.
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Vocational Training

GoGood World Wide, Inc. will create a training facility to teach truck and bus mechanics to 12th graders through 24 years old. It is our intention to provide these youth with marketable skills that enable them to have a career in mechanics.

Currently, when individuals go to apply for a mechanics position an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certificate is the only back-up they have.


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