About Us

In 1976, when Frank Perugi was 21, he lived for a summer with a friend in Montauk Point, LI, N.Y., in a bus. His friend was crazy about buses.
 Perugi wanted one, but better yet: He’d call it The Majic Bus, a homage to a rock song by The Who called “Magic Bus.” He would take people all over. They would eat on his bus, sleep on it, and explore America together.

Over the years, Perugi worked as a machinist, cook, janitor, and trucker. He saved his money. It was a long haul, but he got his bus. Just the same, something was missing. And then his dream started to come true, the way dreams often do-the way you don’t expect. Doug Brinkley, a 31-year-old assistant professor of history at Hofstra University, loathed academia’s regimen of classroom lectures, full of theory and empty of life. He wanted to take his students out to explore America, the way his mom and dad used to when he was growing up.
It turned out to be some course. The class visited 30 states and 10 national parks. They read 12 books by great American writers. They met authors and street people, stopped at battlefields and universities, heard electric rock and the Delta blues, saw Elvis Presley’s Graceland and William Faulkner’s Rowan Oak, branded cattle in South Dakota, and rode out a California earthquake.
Brinkley’s account, “The Majic Bus: An American Odyssey” was a 3time-bestseller-(find it in any public library).
On the strength of a bus and a shared dream, Perugi has been transformed into a figure in literature. He’s also gotten more business. Already, there’s been another Odyssey and a second bus. More trips are expected-and more dreams.
 Now Perugi wants to take inner-city kids on a Majic Bus tour (www.greentortoise.com) across America with the help of corporate America. He believes an American Odyssey can help wake kids up and change a few lives along the way. Perugi imagines a kid getting off the bus, running to a friend who has given up on life, and shouting at him, “There’s life out here, and we can live it”.
That’s the magic of the dream.


Go-Good World Wide Youth Activities:

Founded in 1987, Impetuous Francis Perugi awaits to animate the integrity, fidelity, and zeal of our youths.




Go-Good World Wide (GGWW) uses intrapersonal dynamics to inspire team work ethics, and economic values of social and personal participation. GGWW enhances the quality of life, and produces self esteem discouraged imaginations need to flourish.

GGWW and Majic Bus were formed to complement each other. Founded in 1987 with a vision that youths needed a chance to experience life in and around the country that could inspire visions of their potential.

GGWW supplies freedom to travel comfortably and economically as a community within itself. America’s awesome landscape offers imaginations a place to flourish. GGWW stimulates interaction, encourages abilities, creates friendships, and bonds youths to the community. GGWW accomplishments are the inertia that returns momentum to our society.


Founder Francis Perugi has since 1983 crisscrossed America’s paths over 2 1/2 million miles and carried over 90,000 people.

A milestone in education has been achieved. In late 1991 Majic Bus and Perugi’s ideologies came right up when a scout (Beth Neville) for Hofstra’s history class was seeking a special person and vehicle to get them out of their manicured landscapes of academia and learn their American history from America herself. Coming together they have become the pioneers of a new course of study; The American Odyssey-
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Three American Odysseys since 1992 (The majic bus: An American Odyssey by Douglas Brinkley).
Read it at the library or pick up a 10th anniversary edition at Amazon.
American Odyssey Students (A/K/A Road Scholars) have been receiving up to twelve college credits that could just as easily be HS credits -even such as “Community Service Credits for Graduation-or extra credit. The next one can be yours.
”The Doors Are Opened!”
Faith, Destiny, and Opportunity
Welcome all 16-23 year olds! 
Intern programs for pre teachers -yet to finish college available for Supervisory staff, as well as 1st paid teaching jobs for college graduates aboard.

GGWW youths compare their own plights for acceptance and survival on parallel plains of the homeless situation.

GGWW seeks to bisect the two, raising themselves to esteemed heights. GGWW develops fundamental responsibilities our communities respect and need. Majic Bus’ 4-30 day “Hands on” America Tour(s)through North America is achieved by a commitment of 16 days of projects participation within a one year fund raising period, bonding with fellow members to earn their passage across America and all it’s rewards! GGWW youths share their struggles with life and adolescent life adversities while on a positive mission that allows them to empathically help others that are in the midst of Extreme Adversity – whereby a fulfilling / multi life changing experience transpires-and inspires the future of themselves and anyone they meet or that even hears about them-for the rest of their lives!.
Half The Fun Is Getting There.