Mission Statement


“We all have a vision in our heart”
We journey through life-
And now and then we stop to gaze at the stars or sunset or sunrise…
-something fantastic…
-imagine for a moment…
-and (poof) get distracted!
The three letter word that-
Drops your jaw, Stops time and Races your mind across the Universe!

My mission is to give a “moment in awe” to as many people as I can
-(and postpone the distractions)-
“To let inspiration in“!

My plan comes from a life of traveling America-
She and her people are: “Awe-Inspiring”

-I believe, no matter how painful the journey of life-
Makes- Half the Fun Getting There…



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Mission Statement (quest)

Enhanced Extreme Adversity-Synthesized via a Peaceful Crisis

Do we as a society implode by pretending we’re ok? Or do we take responsibility and action? Saying YES to a proactive stand-is real zeal!

To significantly impact a persons ability to use their creative-intuitive sensing and artistic aspects, that, are often subordinated by a side of society: “Where, appeasing words, possessions- measurement and vain logic are enthroned, causing a chain reaction of deception and dysfunction to one’s discernment of their own unique mission in life, to be one of invention instead, causing frustration within a conscience that aches for It’s unique mission, thus indulges instant gratifications to satisfy the primal need for movement, that, the existence of is evident by the daily news- going untreated, removes momentum from society!”

Why Extreme adversity? Because adversity must be extreme to begin a quest, seeking (TRUTH).

Human natures (ego and pride) try to keep one from embracing “God/God’s will”, unless/until one’s life is shattered by a Tragedy/tragic-crisis However/Luckily, there’s an alternate crisis: Peaceful…

A tragic crisis: The most common (crisis) – leaves a person broken and hardened of heart, discarding a possible revelation of God, because we are sublimely made to believe that if there is a sovereign God- then; “why has my dilemma been neglected by God? And so, one’s journey through life becomes a “lost wondering”; a person’s intuitive hope, in/for God reaches into a material world for substance, and is consequently and inevitably let down. Their quest for truth dissolves, leaving a life that’s sorrowful, stumbling and short of social and self-fulfillment. The real tragedy; another “Society’s Child”!

Enhanced Extreme Adversity via a peaceful crisis: it’s one that can occur through “Awe”: A jaw dropping, time stopping experience- a/k/a: Prudence; a fruit/gift of the Holy Spirit of God-And found brilliantly in nature, scenic place, the sky, and Charismatic/Esoteric people- add movement through travel, sharing through servitude, growth through relationships, and faith through fellowship; Nurtured by mentors whom already made the journey; This is where Gogood Worldwide, Inc. comes in!

Extreme Adversity through tragedy is inevitable, and not very timely: But the “tragedy” can be avoided or turned around! A self sufficient community building program designed to enhance and develop fundamental responsibilities and activities of young adults; Inspiring self-esteem, ethics, economical value, participation and team work are only a fraction of what can be gained by aiding the fading dreams for a fulfilled future that lies within our youth.

Life’s fulfillment stems from being part of animating better futures.